In 2002 we expanded our portfolio into plastics by introducing our own, unique brand known as Polytex®. Today, our 70,000 ft2plastics production facility uses state-of the-art blow-molding and roto-molding technologies. Our range of plastic products is used in the region’s most expansive development projects and community spaces.

The Blow-Molding machine being installed in the plastics facility
A rotomolded watertank is taken from production to our testing lab.


Road barriers
Our Polytex®road barriers improve roadside and worksite safety. They are designed to accelerate construction, improve traffic flow, and safeguard work crews and motorists by positively separating the work area and traffic.

Vertical insulated water tanks (over-ground)
Our Polytex®vertical over-ground water tanks are lightweight and help reduce construction costs as they require almost no support. The tank is also manufactured without any joints, which prevents leakage; most alternatives to our product have joints and are subject to constant leaks during their lifetime. These tanks are manufactured from food-grade raw materials (approved by Dubai Municipality) and are easy to clean and maintain.

Horizontal insulated water tanks (over-ground and underground)
When space is limited, our Polytex®horizontal water tanks offer the optimum solution. Available in both over-ground and underground versions, they are lightweight, joint-less and made from food-grade raw materials.

Borouge® Polymer
We also trade in prime and non-prime Borouge®polymer which is a raw material used in the automotive, electronics, building and construction industries.

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