From its inception, our concrete division has excelled in the delivery of a broad, dependable and high-quality range of products. All of our concrete products are fire-resistant for a minimum of three hours and comply with both BS/EN standards and Dubai Central Laboratory regulations.

Our "egg-laying" machine in operation producing blocks.
Precast panels ready for dispatch to site from our precast facility .


Our Terrabloc®blocks and pavers are manufactured at our fully automated plant, which is one of the largest of its kind. They are highly heat-and-fire resistant, provide excellent insulation, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Below is our Terrabloc product range:

Our blocks offer a sustainable alternative to bricks made out of clay, which is a scarce resource. The entire range is designed to benefit the construction of residential and commercial structures, where each block type suits a specific area of the structure, such as:

Our hollow blocks are used on top of solid blocks to provide increased insulation while significantly reducing the structure’s cost and weight.

Our lightweight blocks are 30% lighter than conventional masonry blocks. They are an ideal solution where structures are designed to carry less load. Instead of natural aggregate, we use pumice (volcanic rock) which has air pockets inside, thus making the block significantly lighter.

Our solid blocks are designed to withstand heavier loads. They are typically used towards the bottom of the structure. After a certain construction height is reached, hollow blocks can then be placed on top of the solid blocks.

Where insulation is required, our insulated blocks offer an excellent solution. Each block has an internal polystyrene layer which helps insulate the structure from both sound and temperature.

Interlocking pavers
Used as footpaths for pedestrian traffic, our interlocking pavers are ideal for areas which require frequent digging up since they are easily removed and replaced. Another benefit is their flexibility which allows different designs and patterns to be created for an enhanced aesthetic appeal.

Precast concrete

Our precast concrete is made of natural raw materials which are locally available. This minimizes the entire life cycle impact on the environment when compared with other construction materials. Our precast concrete plant produces a variety of architectural, infrastructural, and structural precast elements.

Below is our Precast product range:

Paving slabs
These are applied on roofs as protection for the waterproofing materials.

Boundary walls
Be it a residential project or a commercial development, any structure which requires a boundary can benefit from our precast boundary walls. In addition to offering the benefit of design flexibility, our walls are also manufactured off-site which speeds up production and construction.

We manufacture strong and long-lasting covers for manholes.

Water tanks
These are used for underground water storage and are especially useful where there are heavy loads above ground such as vehicle traffic. We can precast our water tanks in any size to suit the project’s requirements. Also, unlike steel tanks, our precast water tanks do not rust or corrode.

We offer precast foundations for various structures such as substations, light poles, and cable routing platforms. Since our foundations are manufactured offsite, the project benefits from increased quality control and speed of production.

Cable tiles
Our cable tiles are a key product serving the region’s power infrastructure. They are used to mark cable routes while providing protection to high-voltage underground cables. This makes cable maintenance much more efficient because the cables are clearly visible. We use a unique, double layer manufacturing technology that delivers a smooth surface finish of the highest quality.

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