The Terrazzo name has become synonymous with superior tiling and flooring solutions. We produce and install internal and external flooring solutions, including our exclusive Pavimenti® range and renowned mosaics.

Our mosaic floor tiles getting ready for dispatch.
Our sample room displaying a variety of our floor selection.

Internal flooring

Epoxy flooring
Manufactured from a mix of pigmented epoxy resin, colored glass, synthetic chips, mother of pearl and other aggregates, our epoxy composite flooring is used extensively within the region’s shopping malls, airports, metro stations, restaurants, gyms, cafés and hospitals.

Key benefits include:
●   Able to withstand high foot traffic
● Minimal color variations across large areas
● Design flexibility
● Longevity
● Minimum repairs

Mosaic floor tiles
Our mosaics are produced in a variety of designs and sizes offering functional and decorative solutions for residential and commercial floors and roofs. We also produce a range of Steps and Risers in varying sizes and thicknesses that have been developed with precision machinery imported from Italy.

Key benefits include:
● Design flexibility
● Aesthetically pleasing
● High compression strength
● Longevity
● Minimum repairs needed over time
● Cost effective
● Resistant surface

EXternal flooring

Our Pavimenti® range of external flooring provides a unique finish to decks, patios, and commercial and industrial spaces. An innovative characteristic of our bespoke shot-blasted Pavimenti® tile designs is the additional grip that it provides.

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