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Our stone stockyard alongside our processing facility
A variety of our stone finishes in our stone sample room.


Material Sourcing
High quality raw materials sourced from the very best quarries from around the world. We are able to maintain our raw material procurement quality through our team of procurement engineers who are based each on continent where we source from i.e. Europe, North America, Sub-continent (Asia), Far- East (Asia). Our teams identify the quarries that we need to procure from, oversee mining and cutting of blocks to slabs, and eventually supervise the loading of material into containers. Our clients are taken to the source of the material to understand the characteristics of the stone and approve their materials first hand.

Factory processing
Our factory has 10 Italian bridge cutting machines that are used to cut the slabs that we procure. These machines are fully automated and cut up to 10 slabs at once.

We have a state of the art 'dry-lay' facility that spans over 2,000m2. The purpose of this facility is to allow us to lay the cut stone one the floor to try and replicate what our client will see once the material is fixed. We invite our clients to see the stone at this stage; once we have an approval, we number the tiles and send the material to be packaged.

Marble Polisihing
Once our material is cut, we have an automated polishing and grinding line that treats the stone prior to dispatching to site.

We recommend all prospective clients visit our factory to learn more.

Our installation team is comprised of over 500 skilled stone technicians. Once the material is cut, packaged, and dispatched our installation take delivery at site. After delicately off-loading the material, our installation team and on-site engineers take over and study the marked drawings that come attached with the packaged material. The installation process then begins.

Our range of stone products can be used for a variety of applications including:
Internal/external flooring
Internal/external walls
Counter tops

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